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Declaration of Principles

The Declaration of Principles is the instrument agreed by RELAC member countries to formalize their adherence to the initiative. It contains a brief description of the objectives of the initiative, the principles and commitments that guide the participation of the countries, and the goals that each country establishes for 2030, in terms of renewable energy participation in its electricity matrix.

Common Objective

Accelerate the carbon-neutrality of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region's electricity systems, improving the resilience, competitiveness and sustainability of the sector, generating green jobs, improving air quality and the health effects of its citizens.

Specific Goal

To achieve a regional target of at least


of renewable energy penetration

in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2030


This document is the basis for harmonizing the purposes and commitments of the countries that join the initiative. Therefore, each country that is part of the initiative adheres to the following principles:


The governments of the countries that adhere to the RELAC initiative commit themselves to:



Jointly among the member countries and the other organizations that are part of the RELAC initiative to achieve the regional goal.



A contact office and focal point in the country in charge of aligning the necessary efforts at the national level to define its contribution and the actions needed to achieve the regional goal.



To determine the monitoring and reporting requirements for the progress of the RELAC initiative and to transparently share and communicate progress against the target according to these agreements.



Assist other members of the initiative in their efforts to achieve the regional goal through the exchange of experiences.

Baseline information for monitoring

This is the information that governments include in their Declaration of Principles when establishing their renewable energy penetration commitments.

Baseline 2019


Projected 2030

Installed RE capacity [GW].

Projected total RE installed capacity [GW].

RE penetration in terms of installed capacity [%].

RE penetration in terms of installed capacity (RELAC Objective) [%].

Total RE electricity generation [GWh] [GWh] [GWh] [GWh

Total projected RE electricity generation [GWh].

RE penetration in terms of generation [%].

RE penetration in terms of generation (RELAC Objective) [%].