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The Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Management Systems Observatory is a forum that aims to contribute to the promotion of EMS, sharing success stories, programs and the methods or processes necessaries to improve energy performance, use and consumption in public and private organizations in the region.

The Energy Management Systems (EMS) are a set of methodologically interrelated elements in an organization to achieve sustained and continuous energy performance improvement and additional benefits related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, so they are an important element for the fulfillment of energy and climate change goals.


Do you want to know how your organization ranks related to the ISO 50001 best practices for the implementation of an SGE?

The ISO 50001 is an international standard that aims easy for all types of organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve their energy performance. Its successful implementation depends on the commitment of all levels and functions of an organization.

The implementation of EnMS allows savings in energy consumption. Experiences in the industry have achieved a reduction of between 10 and 40%.

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the potential for energy savings due to the implementation of EnMS in the industry is:

0Million tonnes of oil equivalent per year

Represent the 0%of the Energy Total Final Consumption

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Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Management Observatory (OSGELAC)


The following questionnaire allows you to know the areas that an EnMS addresses to improve energy management and energy performance of an organization. At the end, you will get a report of the gap analysis of the main areas with opportunity for improvement.

The questionnaire is based on the best practices of EnMS and the requirements established by the ISO 50001 standard. There are 53 questions that you can answer yes, no or partially.

For a better understanding, the questionnaire is separated into 13 sections. You will be able to move forward once you complete all questions of each section.

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Analysis by categories: Below is an identification of the positioning of your organization in each of the analyzed categories


Global Score

Score Rating Description
0-20% Committed Your organization is aware of the importance of energy management, but must develop the necessary work processes
21-40% Systematic Your organization manages energy using basic components that should be improved and formalized
41-60% Sustainable Your organization has an energy management system in place and is showing improvement, although it still needs to be strengthened
61-80% Integrated Your organization has included energy management across different business areas
81-100% World class Your organization fully complies with the requirements of existing regulations

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