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Organization Technical Support and dedicated department

Technical Support and dedicated department

An operation center and maintenance crews should be available 24/7 to manage contingencies in distribution systems. The operation center must be available 100% of the time since the maintenance crews must respond when necessary. Specific crews should also be available to perform inspections in difficult to access zones. For all regions, there must be maintenance crews to cover the entire population served, and for areas with a higher population density.

A department within the distribution company with the task of analyzing the performance of continuity and quality indicators should be functioning. This department must provide reports to executives and help other departments to direct their actions to improve these indicators. This department should have a control methodology for calculating quality indicators with certification recognized as ISO 9000. Within the scope of this area, analyses must be carried out to identify zones at risk of not complying with electricity supply and distribution service, and, if this is the case, appropriate actions must be taken. Trends in continuity of supply and (when applicable) the economic results (periodic evaluation and revision of the continuity practices are suggested) are analyzed. Lastly, the utility should engage the regulator to discuss how investments in monitoring voltage control are recognized by the authorities on the capital investment and operational costs.