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Technical and Operational Practices Maintenance and operation standards

Maintenance and operation standards

The  utility  must  have  protocol s  and standards   to   perform   corrective   and   preventive   maintenance   in   the   power substations and networks. There are safety plans for contingencies regarding the quality of the supply and distribution of electrical energy. It is also recommended that a  verifi cation  of the operational  status  of  supply  and  distribution  system elements ( for which visual inspection or operational test is possible ) to be carried out at least once every 3 years , and for the strategic systems, every year.

For both corrective and pre ventive maintenance , the use of GIS tools is desirable to support isolation, repair, and resolution of contingencies , and to effectively track and  record  where  the  maintenance  is  being  made (which  can  provide  valuable planning   information   for   deployment   of   new   quality   driven   programs   and investments) . In systems with various alternative supply sources, operation center protocols  exist  to ensure supply quality  on  initial  use  of  new  supply  sou rces (sources and interconnections), as well as protocols to analyze and resolve non - compliance with applicable regulations regarding supply and distribution quality