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Regulatory framework Quality indicators selection and standardization

Quality indicators selection and standardization

Appropriate indicators that allow  for  a  proper tracking  and  control of  quality  evolution  over  time must  be defined. The commonly used indicators that have already been mentioned (SAIDI, SAIFI, etc.) serve as a reference . Even though the use of diverse quality indicators within distributors’ operation for management and planning purposes is a common practice and may already be in place , the definition of common and standardized indicators  within  a  particular  country  or  regulatory  framework  allows:  (i) for benchmarking  and  performance  comparison  among  peers;  (ii) to incorporate specific criteria in the indicators’ calculation that may be relevant within a particular context ; (iii) to define mid to long term policy objectives; and (i v ) to calibrate and track  performance  for  the  application  of  financial  incentives within  a  common regulatory framework.