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Public Actions and State Leadership Engagement with local authorities

Engagement with local authorities

Promote awareness and establish partnerships with local control authorities such as local police and law enforcement to take prompt action in the event of theft when amicable and commercial resolution is not possible. These actions are particularly important on commercial losses in the industrial and large commercial segments as a few clients can represent a large value of the losses. Utilities should enforce compliance with the law and its judicial processes in the cases and consider executing criminal proceedings for theft or fraud of electricity. The collaboration with local authorities must be adequately documented and transparent.

The introduction of informational campaigns to improve visibility of the program and the payment culture is also an effective measure. The utility and authorities can promote journalistic coverage in actions to combat non-technical losses to positively influence the culture of paying the energy bill. It is also important to give visibility to the authorities of the economic impacts of losses, reinforce transparency, and bolster the aspects of zero tolerance to mal practices.